Tailings Deposition Module

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Tailings Deposition Module

The Tailings Deposition Module provides a sophisticated environment to model all stages of Tailings Storage Facility development, including:

Conceptual Tailings Storage Facility Design;

Detailed Tailings Storage Facility Design; and

Tailings Storage Facility Operation.

Following design, use the Dam Breach Module to assess the zone of influence of potential dam breach scenarios.

To activate theTailings Deposition Module use the Module Selector.


Tailings Deposition features include:

Tailings flow down valleys and around obstacles

Tailings deposition to specified elevations and/or tonnages

Upstream, centreline, or downstream deposition

Cyclone deposition, including:

oUpstream; and

oDownstream and Centreline cyclone deposition

Deposition from:

oDeposition nodes

oDeposition lines

oDeposition paths

Deposition points/vectors that move in space as they are raised

Non-linear beach profiles

Complex beach profiles comprising:

oCyclone profiles

oSub-aerial profiles

oSub-aqueous profiles

Supernatant pond modelling

Multiple Material support

Target and maximum deposition tonnages

Automatic and manual deposition modes

You can view deposition raise surfaces following a deposition model run.