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Deposition Vectors are three-dimensional lines that generate Deposition Points from which deposition occurs.

They are generated by Deposition Structures and cannot be edited.

Data comprises:

A Coordinate

Direction parameters which vary based on the Deposition Structure:

oDeposition Node:

Vector Slope

Vector Direction: Horizontal Angle in the X-Y Plane

oDeposition Path:

Deposition Path alignment

oDeposition Line:

Vector Slope

Deposition Direction: Left or Right of Deposition Line

Vector Direction: Left or Right of Deposition Line

Raise Elevation: The elevations from which deposition will occur

Material: Defines the Complex Beach Profile

Deposition Vectors are generated:

Automatically prior to a model run if the data defining them has changed; or


oClick Run > Generate Deposition Vectors > Changed Vectors; or

oClick Run > Generate Deposition Vectors > All Vectors; or

oClick the Generate Changed Vectors Button; or

oClick the Generate All Vectors Button.