Pond Wizard

Water management is key to the good management and operation of a tailings storage facility.

To assist, Rift TD incorporates a powerful Pond Wizard to generate pond volume elevation curves.

Rift TD generates a detailed volume elevation curve at a defined elevation increment. Output comprises:

  • Elevation
  • Plan area
  • Basin slope area
  • Volume

To generate a pond define:

  • A point in the pond basin
  • The pond maximum elevation
  • The elevation increment

Following pond generation you can easily export data:

  • Export the volume elevation data to a text or csv file
  • Copy volume elevation data to the clipboard
  • Copy graphics to the clipboard
Rift TD Environment
Supernatant Pond

Supernatant Pond

Rift TD allows you to generate supernatant pond volume elevation curves, to a specified volume or elevation, during deposition modelling.