About Us

Rift Software is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our goal is to provide engineers with tools to facilitate tailings dam design.

Rift TD is a powerful tool that facilitates tailings dam:

  • options assessment/site selection
  • conceptual and detailed design
  • deposition planning
  • operation and management
  • water management

Rift TD can change the way that you work. Accomplish your goals faster and with more confidence.

Associated tools, including the embankment wizard, the pond wizard, and terrain modelling tools, enhance Rift TD's capacity to perform various tasks associated with tailings dam design. We will expand these tools, and introduce new tools to further enhance Rift TD's capability.

If it can be done more simply, or faster, we aim to provide the solution.

How can we improve our products to better suit your needs?

Give us your feedback; let us know what you think.