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You specify the Deposition Elevation on the Data Grid during a Manual Deposition Run.

Click the Deposition Sequence Tool-button.

Deposition Elevations Data Grid

The Data Grid displays the :

oDeposition Vector Numbers, their

oDeposition Order, and their

oRaise Elevation.

Enter the Raise Elevations.

To set all Raise Elevations:

oRight Click on the Data Grid.

oClick Set Raise Elevations.

Set Raise Elevations

oEnter the Raise Elevation in the Raise Elevation Edit Box.

Raise Elevations Dialog

oClick OK.

During a manual deposition model run deposition will take place at the specified Deposition Elevation.


You cannot edit the deposition order.

Use Deposition Structures to set deposition order.

Deposition is always sequential.

If two vectors have the same sequence, deposition will first occur from the vector higher in the order (i.e. lower No.).

Refer to simultaneous deposition guidelines for multi-material simultaneous deposition.