Rift TD Pricing

Number of Site Licences (Note 1) Cost per Licence
Excluding Annual Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Cost
1 4,400 1,100
2 4,180 1,045
3 3,960 990
4 3,740 935
5 + 3,520 880


  1. Site Licence: The application will, for the majority of the time, be used at the same physical location.
  2. Prices in Australian dollars (AUD).
  3. Pricing subject to change without notice.
  4. Refund Policy.
Rift Software Licensing

Following purchase, a licence can be transferred between computers located:

  • At the same site.
  • On the same IP and Local Area Networks.

This makes our licensing system flexible and economical.


We provide free support for 30 days following licence purchase. Thereafter, maintenance is required for continued support and software upgrades.

Expired maintenance renewal is backdated to the expiry date at the annual maintenance rate, limited to a maximum of 80% of the cost of a new licence including maintenance.