Coincident NODE CHECK

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Coincident NODE CHECK

Check for, and delete, coincident Nodes:


oClick Surface > Nodes > Coincident Node Check; or

oClick the Coincident Node Check Tool-button.

Duplicate Node Check Tool-button

The Coincident Node Dialog is opened if a coincident node is found:

oIt lists the coincident node elevations.

oClick on the Node Elevation to retain.

Duplicate Node Dialog

You can select an automatic operation if other coincident nodes that are found:

oUser: Use the Coincident Node Dialog to choose an elevation.

oLowest Elevation: Use the lowest Node elevation.

oAverage Elevation: Use the average Node elevation.

oHighest Elevation: Use the highest Node elevation.

Click OK.


Coincident nodes are defined as Nodes that have identical, or near identical, x and y coordinate values.

Rift TD automatically checks for coincident Nodes before a triangulation.