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To edit Materials:


oClick Edit > Materials; or

oClick the Material Tool-button on the Data Type Toolbar.

Material Data Grid

Define Material Parameters on the:

Data Grid; and the

Material Data Tab.

Data Grid

Edit the Tailings throughput on the Data Grid.

Material Data-tab

Material Data Tab

Material parameters comprise:

Cyclone Deposition.

oActive: Specifies if cyclone deposition active or inactive.

oMaterial Deposited in Embankment:

Downstream or centreline deposition if material is deposited in the embankment.

Upstream deposition if the material is not deposited in the embankment.

The Complex Beach Profile:

oCyclone Profile: The cyclone beach profile.

oSub-aerial Profile: The sub-aerial beach profile.

oSub-aqueous Profile: The sub-aqueous beach profile.