Deposition Structures

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Deposition Structures

Deposition locations are defined by Deposition Structures, which comprise:

Deposition Nodes;

Deposition Paths; and

Deposition Lines.

During a Deposition Run:

Deposition structures generate Deposition Vectors

Deposition Vectors are raised in defined Raises

Deposition Vectors generate Deposition Points as they are raised

Deposition occurs from the Deposition Points

Materials define Complex Profiles

Complex Profiles define the Beach Shape

Set a Deposition Structure's:

Status to Active or Inactive; deposition only occurs from Active Structures

Deposition Order


Deposition Vectors move as they are raised

Movement is defined by the Deposition Structures:

oDeposition Nodes: Vector Slope and an Angle in the X-Y Plane

oDeposition Lines: Vector Slope and the Deposition Line normal

oDeposition Paths: Deposition Path alignment