Tailings Deposition Modelling

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Tailings Deposition Modelling

Rift TD was developed to model tailings deposition.

Tailings deposition features include:

Tailings flow down valleys and around obstacles.

Tailings deposition to specified elevations and/or tonnages.

Upstream, centreline, or downstream deposition.

Cyclone deposition, including upstream cyclone deposition.

Various Deposition Structures:

oDeposition nodes.

oDeposition lines.

oDeposition paths.

Complex beach profiles comprising:

oCyclone profiles.

oSub-aerial profiles.

oSub-aqueous profiles.

Non-linear beach profiles.

Supernatant pond modelling.

Multiple material support.

Targeted and maximum deposition tonnages.

Deposition points/vectors that move in space as they are raised.

Automatic or manual deposition modes.

You can view deposition raise surfaces following a deposition model run.