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You can view Supernatant Pond Results generated during a deposition model run:

Activate Deposition Results.

Click on a row to select a raise.

Right click on the Data Grid while viewing Deposition Results.

Click Pond > Volume Elevation Curve to view the pond volume elevation curve(s) for the active (highlighted) raise.

Pond Volume Elevation Curve

Pond results comprise:

oPond elevation.

oPond basin plan area.

oPond basin slope area.

oPond volume.

Volume Elevation Curve

If generated, you can also export Pond Boundaries to Strings.


Depending on topography, Rift TD may generate more than one pond for a raise.

Supernatant Pond pond areas and volumes are cumulative if Rift TD generates more than one raise pond.

View the pond Volume Elevation Curves to view individual pond results.