Data Fields

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Data Fields

Rift TD generates various Deposition Results during a deposition model run:


oDeposition End Date.

oFill Time.


oRate of Rise: The maximum deposition point rate of rise per year.

oMaximum Deposition Elevation.

oMinimum Beach Head  (cyclone deposition - cyclone beach toe).

oMaximum Beach Head (cyclone deposition - cyclone beach toe).


oCyclone Beachhead.

oSub-aerial Beachhead.

oSub-aqueous Beachhead.

Beach Length: Maximum beach length calculated during the deposition raise.

oCyclone Beach Length (plan/horizontal length).

oSub-aerial Beach Length (plan/horizontal length).

oSub-aqueous Beach Length (plan/horizontal length).

Deposition Area:

oThe Deposition Area is the plan deposition area for the deposition raise.

oThe total deposition area may exceed this as:

Some deposition vectors may be inactive.

Deposition points may move in space, affecting the deposition area.

Deposition Volume:

oCyclone Volume.

oSub-Aerial Volume.

oSub-Aqueous Volume.

oRaise Volume: The sum of the Sub-Aerial and Sub-Aqueous Volumes.

oCumulative Volume.

Deposition Tonnage:

oPercent Underflow (only relevant to upstream cyclone deposition)

oCyclone Tonnage.

oSub-Aerial Tonnage.

oSub-Aqueous Tonnage.

oTotal Tonnage (Sum of the Sub-Aerial and Sub-Aqueous Tonnages).

oCumulative Tonnage.



oPlan Area.

oBasin Slope Area.


Use the Result Detail Form to view the deposition results for each deposition vector (point).