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You need to register a previously unregistered Rift TD installation:

The Register Dialog is displayed when Rift TD starts.

You need to provide:

oCompany Data.

oUser Data.

Existing Users/Companies should log on to their existing accounts.

Data gathered during registration:

Allows us to contact you when updates are available should you elect to receive product information.

Allows you to assess who is using a licence (for licence exchange).

Allows licenses to be linked to Company Accounts (for licence exchange).

Following registration:

An evaluation licence is generated and Rift TD is activated.

You can activate a released Full License that is linked to Company Account on expiry of the evaluation licence.
You will need to arrange for an extension of the evaluation period, or acquire a Full licence, if there are no Full Licenses.


New Users to an existing Company Account should register their product using the existing Company Account Logon Data i.e. the Company User Name and Password provided when first registering Rift TD.

To obtain this information from an active Rift TD installation linked to the Company Account click:

Tools > Licence > Logon Details

Our server will send you an an email message with the log-on Information.

Logging onto an Existing Company Account links the new licence to the Company Account, allowing licenses exchange.

Contact us if you inadvertently generate a new Company Account, or incorrectly link a Company Account.


All information submitted during registration is strictly confidential.

Information is only used when providing support, or during licence validation.

User information is NEVER distributed to third parties (Rift TD Privacy Policy).