Load Previous Run Results

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Load Previous Run Results

You can load previous run results.

This allows you to:

Develop complex models if deposition structures (deposition nodes, deposition lines, or deposition paths) change.

Append deposition results to results from a previous deposition run.

To load existing results:

Click File > Load Results.

Load Results

Select a file from the File Open Dialog.

Click OK.

The results are loaded and fill times/dates updated using the material deposition rates/densities.

For a new deposition run:

You are prompted whether to retain existing results prior to a model run:

Retain Deposition Results


Yes to append new deposition results to existing results.

No to delete existing deposition results.


You cannot load/generate surfaces for the loaded results.

Load the original result file to view surfaces generated during a previous model run.

You can load/generate surfaces for the current model run.