Licence Release

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Licence Release

Licenses are released, either automatically or manually, to make them available to other Users linked to the same Company Account.

Automatic Licence ReleaseEnvironment Options Menu Item

By default licenses are automatically released when Rift TD exits.

You can change this behavior by editing the Auto Release Licence Environment Variable.

Click Edit > Environment Options.

Check or Uncheck the Auto Release Licence check box.

Auto Release Licence

Not releasing a licence is useful if you:

Will be working remotely; or

Expect to lose your internet connection.

Manual Licence Release

To manually release a licence:

Click Tools > Licence Release.

If an internet connection is available, the licence is released and Rift TD exits.

Licence Released

If an internet connection is not available:

The licence is not released.

You are notified that the licence was not released.

Rift TD does not exit.