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During Downstream or Centreline Cyclone DepositionTailings:

Underflow is used to construct a Deposition Embankment.

Overflow is deposited upstream of the embankment, in the tailings storage facility basin.

Deposition vectors either:

Move up the embankment upstream face (downstream); or are

Raised vertically (centreline).

During a deposition model run Rift TD:

Generates the Deposition Embankments prior to tailings deposition commencing.

Merges the final Deposition Embankment into the deposition surface.

Calculates the underflow volume:

oUnderflow is directed to the deposition embankment while it has capacity; overflow is directed to the tailings storage facility basin.

oOnce the embankment is full all tailings is directed to the tailings storage facility basin.

To specify Downstream Cyclone Deposition:

Activate the Material Beach Definition Tab:


Click Edit > Materials; or

Click the Materials Tool-button.

oClick on the Material Beach Definition Tab.

Material & Deposition Line Tool-button

Set the Cyclone Deposition Parameters:

oCheck the Cyclone Deposition Check-box.

oCheck the Cyclone Material to Embankment Check Box.

oEnter the Cyclone Underflow Material Dry Density.

oEnter the Underflow Percentage (percent tonnage).

Downstream Cyclone Deposition Material Data Tab

Activate Deposition Lines:

oClick Edit > Deposition Line/Boundaries; or

oClick the Deposition Line Tool-button.

Set Downstream or Centreline Deposition:

oFor Downstream Cyclone Deposition ensure that the Deposition Direction is the opposite as the Vector Direction:

Deposition Direction Left of Line and Vector Direction Right of Line; or

Deposition Direction Right of Line and Vector Direction Left of Line.

oFor Centreline Deposition ensure that the Vector Direction is On the Boundary (Vertical).

Deposition Line Downstream Cyclone Definition

Define the Deposition Line Embankment.


Following a deposition model run you can assess the effect of the underflow percentage on Embankment and Basin Filling:

Activate the Material Beach Definition Tab.

Adjust the Underflow Percentage.

Click the Run Fill Active Text.

Embankment and basin deposition results are updated.