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Deposition Vectors are an internal data type that are used to generate Deposition Points/Locations from which deposition occurs.

They are generated by deposition structures:

Deposition Nodes;

Deposition Paths; and

Deposition Lines.

Deposition Vectors define vectors along which deposition occurs.

The deposition point is moved along the Deposition Vector as it is raised.

Geometric data comprises:

A Coordinate along the Deposition Vector.

Direction Data which varies based on the Deposition Structure:

oDeposition Node:

Vector Slope.

Direction (Angle).

oDeposition Path:

The Deposition Path alignment.

oDeposition Line:

Vector Slope.

Deposition Direction.

Vector Direction.

Non-geometric data comprises the following data:

Raise Elevation.


Rift TD automatically generates Deposition Vectors:

Prior to a model run, or

When you edit the Deposition Sequence.

You can also generate Deposition Vectors manually:

Click either:

oRun > Generate Deposition Vectors > Changed Vectors; or

oRun > Generate Deposition Vectors > All Vectors.

Or you can Use the Deposition Toolbar.

Generate Deposition Vector