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During Upstream Cyclone Deposition:

Deposition moves into the tailings facility, in the direction that tailings is being deposited.

Rift TD assumes that the cyclone beach toe is raised vertically.

Upstream Cyclone Deposition

To specify Upstream Cyclone Deposition:

Activate the Material Beach Definition Tab:


Click Edit > Materials; or

Click the Materials Tool-button.

oClick on the Material Beach Definition-tab.

Material & Deposition Line Tool-button

Set the Cyclone Deposition Parameters:

oCheck the Cyclone Deposition Check-box.

oUncheck the Cyclone Material to Embankment Check Box.

oEnter the Cyclone Underflow Material Dry Density.

oEnter the Underflow Percentage target value.

oSelect the Cyclone Beach Profile.

Upstream Cyclone Deposition Material Data Tab

Activate Deposition Lines:

oClick Edit > Deposition Line/Boundaries; or

oClick the Deposition Line Tool-button.

Ensure that the Deposition Direction is the same as the Vector Direction:

oDeposition Direction and Vector Direction set to Left of Line; or

oDeposition Direction and Vector Direction set to Right of Line.

Deposition Line Upstream Cyclone Definition

Upstream Cyclone Deposition is iterative:

A deposition surface is developed.

The cyclone underflow percentage is compared to the User specified percentage.

If not within a specified limit, the Cyclone beach toe elevation is adjusted and the model rerun until either:

oConvergence is achieved; or

oThe maximum allowable number of iterations is exceeded.


The underflow percentage is a target value that is applied at each deposition location (point).

The actual underflow percentage may be less than, or exceed, the target value.

The achieved underflow percentage is provided in the status bar during modelling, and result output, following modelling.

The cyclone profile will transition directly to a sub-aqueous profile if its toe extends below the pond i.e. no sub-aerial profile.


Cyclone beaches typically are short and have a steep beach angle.

Refining elements in the cyclone beach area prior to modelling may produce better results.

The cyclone beach toe point is assumed to rise vertically.

Increase the number of raise intervals to mitigate against deposition points being raised vertically.